AB+F and Global Retail Banker

The AB+F and Global Retail Banker sites were a part of a bigger project for the RFi Group that Adrenalin completed with the goal of strengthening Rfi Group’s position as a global leader in the provision of research and insights to the banking and finance sector.

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RFi Group




UX, Visual Design

The solution

We developed an easily accessible platform where the RFi Group can manage these multiple sites, and future sites, from a single login. The site was built on drupal 7 and had to be integrated with many 3rd-party sources such as shopify, Vimeo and Eventbrite.

Each site has a slightly different look and feel, however they are noticeably cohesive under the main umbrella brand of the RFi Group. 

On mobile devices the 5 most read articles were moved to the top of the site where you can easily slide through the articles

The AB+F design used colour to categorise news content and make it easier the user to know what article related to what category.