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NAB recognised that many Australians lack the skills, knowledge and confidence to start investing. The design of an online tool allowed first time investors easy access to the share market. Offering expertly managed model portfolios through a direct-to-customer product, that guided customers through the process without having to see a financial adviser.

Working closely for 12 months with the online investment business unit with NAB, we’ve been able to facilitate a human-centred-design (HCD) approach to delivering impactful solutions that bring business, tech and customer together.

Understanding the problem

We sought to understand what the challenges and opportunities are for the business, the industry and landscape – and within the technical, physical and organisational infrastructure. We ran problem-definition and opportunity workshops to create spaces for ideation and innovation, and to establish what impactful success meant.



National Australia Bank


Lead Experience Designer


User Research
Usability Testing
UX / Wireframing
Ideation & Prototyping
Workshop Facilitation
Product Design


Sketch App

What we set out to validate

Do people understand the Robo product concept?

Is the ‘direct to customer’ Robo product proposition an opportunity?

Will being self-directed, in control, and empowered to manage your own investments motivate people to consider a Robo product?

Will a simple sophisticated Robo investment pathway appeal to customers focused on growing their wealth, over a ‘goal based’ product?

What is the appetite among first time investors for different online investment product offerings?

What are the barriers that potential first-time investors face when considering investing online?

What other product opportunities emerge from research for nabtrade to consider?

Competitor Analysis

UX / Wireframes

During the alignment phase of the project we defined user segment opportunities with a primary and secondary focus. We also sketched lo fi task flows and wireframes during stakeholder workshops. This was a very collaborative process with the wider team. These wireframes were then taken into sketch and designed to be mid fidelity.

Prototyping and testing

After conducting an extensive competitor analysis and defining the target customer segments, a high-fidelity prototype was designed and tested with over 40 NAB and non-NAB customers to understand the attitudes & level of knowledge of potential first-time online investors. The findings were then synthesised, and insights applied to the prototype for a secondary round of testing with more of a focus on validating the design, level of information and usability.

Synthesis of design research

We then sought out to identify insights based on our research activities. These insights were supported by data points, quotes and observations. We then presented these back to stakeholders and went through another round of design revisions based on this feedback.

The solution

The result is a responsive tool that can empower first-time investors to confidently make investment decisions online and monitor the growth of their wealth in the long term.