Woolworths Front-of Store Customer Experience Research

The creation of a set of customer experience maps highlighting the customer needs, pain-points and opportunities identified within the checkout selection and usage experience in-store – to be used as a stimuli for the Front-of-Store workshop.

The maps were to visualise the customer checkout experience in a compelling, easy-to-understand and visually appealing way; supporting transaction and VOC data with qualitative findings. They were to also summarise core customer needs and current pain points with experience against those needs, agnostic of current solutions.


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Core objectives

Woolworths Group core objectives were to promote a customer first culture across all departments, understanding customer needs and using those insights to help frame the future look and feel of the front of store.

Structured observations & instore intercepts

In order to complete the customer journey maps our proposed research approach was to carry out onsite observations and customer intercepts over 4 days. We visited stores in Victoria and NSW and planned to provide coverage of all different checkout types across peak (80%) and off-peak (20%) timezones, on both a weekend and a weekday to observe the changing behaviour across those times.

Research synthesis

We then synthesised our findings through affinity mapping to reveal trends, themes, and areas of opportunity for discovery and improvement. By making connections between key findings, in order to articulate subsequent behavioural implications  we were able to define high level insights to act as a strategic opportunities for the business. These then shaped the customer scenarios and journey maps.

Due to project confidentiality I’m unable to elaborate further on the findings.

Project deliverables

Our final deliverables consisted of scenario maps and journey maps highlighting differences in experience by mission type (i.e., family full shop with trolley and kids, trolley full shop no kids, top up shop w/ basket, quick shop) and time of day (e.g. peak vs. non-peak). In addition to this was a presentation of research insights given to the broader Woolworths team where we identified environmental and psychological factors in the individuals decision-making.